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Do you... worry about how to pay your bills?

receive phone calls about overdue bills?

feel in control of your financial future?

Stop worrying and take action.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services offers:

  • HOPE
  • It's never too late to address your financial
  • HELP
  • CCCS counselors provide professional
  • Learn how to reduce financial stress

    Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) is a nonprofit, community service agency that provides free budget counseling, debt management plans, housing counseling and community education. CCCS of the Southeast is a consortium of agencies dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families through self-sufficiency and debt-free living.


    Credit counseling - Confidential budget counseling to individuals and couples is provided by certified counselors who assist consumers with setting financial priorities, identifying problems and enacting solutions.
    Debt management - for those who qualify, a debt management plan is individually tailored to assist you in making timely, manageable payments to creditors.
    Consumer education - Workshops and seminars addressing topics such as coping with unemployment, budgeting for higher education and debt-free living are available through CCCS agencies.


    Money Magazine, April, 1996
    "Seek help when you need it. If you're truly in dire straits, call nonprofit Consumer Credit Counseling Service."

    USA Today, August 9, 1996
    "If bill collectors are driving you crazy and you can't deal with the stress, you can get help from one of nearly 1,200 nonprofit Consumer Credit Counseling centers across the country. They can develop customized repayment plans and negotiate with lenders on your behalf."

    GLAMOUR, October, 1996
    "This nonprofit group [Consumer Credit Counseling Service] can help her hammer out a budget, negotiate with issuers for lower payments and finance charges and consolidate her debt into one easy payment, all for no or very low cost."

    Good Housekeeping, November 1996, Jane Bryant Quinn
    "If your debt is too big to handle by yourself, a local office of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service (800-388-2227) can negotiate with your creditors to lower payments."

    Ladies Home Journal, November, 1996
    "If your debt is too much to handle alone, or if you just need some financial planning tips, Consumer Credit Counseling Service offers services that may be of help."

    Woman's Day, October 8, 1996
    "If creditors are hounding you or you're feeling overwhelmed, contact one of the nonprofit National Foundation for Consumer Credit Offices. They can usually consolidate your debts and negotiate a repayment schedule. The typical charge: about $10 a month, depending on location and ability to pay."

    Time Magazine, November 4, 1996
    "Restoring credit once it has been lost is not as simple. Beware of companies that offer "credit repair," which can involve scams. The Federal Trade Commission says those in search of advice might contact Consumer Credit Counseling Service, a nonprofit agency that offers help through some 1,100 offices around the country at little or no charge."

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